For Great Big Biceps, Lift Great Big Weights

You want the secret to full bulging biceps eh? Well I bet you’ve already found that during an arm workout it’s usually pretty easy to get a great pump in the biceps. Just curl a light to moderate weight with strict form for high reps and your arms will swell up huge in a matter of minutes. In that moment your arms feel enormous and beautiful and you fantasize of them staying that large forever. Sadly, the pump is only a temporary pleasure and an hour after the workout your arms have shrunk back to their normal size. High volume workouts are great for increasing the sarcoplasmic fluid around your muscles, which is an integral part of reaching maximum muscle hypertrophy, but it seems that biceps in particular are unable to retain the extra sarcoplasm fluid for long. Thus, the best way to ensure more permanent bulging biceps is by increasing the myofibrillar muscle fibers themselves. And the way to do that is by lifting some dang heavy weights.

Chuck Sipes Proved Strength and Size Go Together

Chuck Sipes bicepsChuck Sipes was a bodybuilder during the 60s and was known for his impressive feats of strength. He was also known for his gigantic biceps. Sipes believed his great physique was a result of his power training styled workouts.

Sipes believed that continuous application of power over a long period of time, the prolonged holding of a contracted position, was critical to maximum hypertrophy and was the key element that set him apart from other bodybuilders. He explained that pausing after each rep dramatically lowers the effectiveness of an exercise. Constant tension on the muscle must be maintained during every second of an exercise, especially for the biceps.

Secondly, he believed lifting really heavy was the best way to force the biceps to grow. Myofibrillar growth is best stimulated by the intensity of lifting seriously heavy weights under prolonged tension. This extra myofibrillar muscle growth will give the arms a nice full, dense look.

I won’t get into Chuck’s exact arm routine right now, but the moral of the story is lift heavy. I mean HEAVY! While remembering to maintain constant tension. This is the secret to full bulging biceps.

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