Tan Naked – The Healing Power of Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the greatest of all healing agencies.

Pure air, sunlight, moderation, rest, exercise, proper diet, and water are the true remedies that every person should have a knowledge of. Proper application of these principles will cure and prevent nearly all disease. Nature’s process of healing and upbuilding is gradual, and seems slow to the impatient. But in the end, nature does her work wisely and well. Those who persevere in obedience to nature’s laws will reap the reward in health of body and health of mind.

Won’t the Sun Give Me Skin Cancer?

Many people stay from the sunlight from fear of developing skin cancer. This is terribly unfortunate since sunlight is one of the greatest healers. If your bloodstream is clean, alkaline, free-flowing, and plenty of oxygen is getting through to your tissues, you will have a healthy body, which includes healthy skin. Your tissues must have 45% oxygen at all times. But when people eat free fats, this can cut off 60-70% of the oxygen to the tissues. An individual living on a low fat diet, eating primarily only fat found in the natural cells of food, will not have to worry about oxygen being cut off to the tissues and especially to the skin. If you live on a low fat diet, you can get all the sunshine you want and it will do you good.

Sunlight Restores and Heals

The value of sunlight in maintenance and restoration of health, although well recognized, is seldom used practically in the treatment of disease. The important relation of sunlight to health is shown in the effects upon plants and animals in deprivation of its influence. In caves, mines, and other places excluded from sunlight, plants do not grow, or at best attain only a sickly development. The same is true in animals. In the deep valleys among the Alps in Switzerland the sun shines only a few hours each day; consequently the inhabitants suffer terribly from scrofula and other diseases indicative of poor nutrition and lack of sunlight. Higher up the mountain the inhabitants are remarkably hardy and well-developed physically and mentally. The only difference in the modes of life is the great amount of sunshine higher up the mountainside. When the sickly from below are carried up the mountainside, they rapidly improve.

The value of sunlight to the sick has been amply demonstrated by hospital experience, which shows a much larger percentage of recovery in rooms amply exposed to the sun than in those excluded from its rays. That the sun has a powerful influence upon the skin is shown by the great increase in pigment (known as a tan) which is produced by free exposure to the sun and air. This results from an increased activity of the cutaneous layer.

The sunbath consists of exposing as much of the body as possible to the direct rays of the sun. The length of time one should remain in the sunbath depends on the individual and the effect desired. Highly sensitive people, especially when first beginning to take sunbaths, should remain exposed to the rays of the sun for only a short time, ten to fifteen minutes maximum. Less sensitive people and those accustomed to the sun’s rays may remain in the sunbath for twenty to thirty minutes. The sunbath should be concluded by a shower or bath in order to wash off all the perspiration which the body has eliminated as toxic wastes. The effect of sunbathing followed by a bath or shower is very invigorating.

Solar rays consist of heat rays as well as ultraviolet rays. They also contain actinic or chemicals rays, and the therapeutic effects are doubtless due to the combined influence of these three potent forces. Solar rays have been used in the treatment of obstinate ulcers. Undoubtedly, the remedial power of the sun’s rays, properly applied, would be a valuable healing tool for many cases. Once lady had a very bad ulcer on her leg, about two inches in diameter, which doctors could not heal. Arrangements were being made for a skin graft, when one doctor decided to have her expose her ulcer to the sun for twenty minutes at the height of the day. After that the ulcer was carefully washed, and vitamin E and A applied. Within a short time, the entire ulcer had completely healed. Sunlight plus one capsule of Vitamin A, 25,000 I.U. and one capsule of vitamin E, 400 I.U. mixed together and applied to an affected area is one of the greatest healers of skin ailments. This treatment is also effective in burn cases.

The Ancients Loved the Sun

There is much evidence that sun bath was known and employed among the ancients. Plutarch tells us that Diogenes, the renowned Athenian cynic, in his old age was accustomed to lie in the sunshine for the purpose of recruiting his energies – a custom which, accord to Pliny, was common among old men in Greece. It is stated that Diogenes valued his sun bath so highly that when called upon by Alexander, who offered to render him any service in his power, he replied in answer to the kind offer, “Only stand a little out of my sunshine.” According to Pliny, the custom of the sun bath was common among the Romans too. Indeed, both the older and the younger Pliny were accustomed to spend an hour in the exposure to the sun daily after dinner. Hippocrates prescribed the sun bath for chills. Numerous other instances could be cited of the ancient use of the sun bath. One French physician once said to some people who had brought their children to him for treatment, “Take these children to the country; feed them as well as you can; but, above all, roast them – roast them in the sun.”

Vigor declines as we get older, leaving us with less vitality to resist illness. This makes it absolutely essential of the elderly to get plenty of sunlight and fresh, pure air. Get as much sunlight as possible!

Sunlight to the Rescue

After you are exposed to ultraviolet light, the neutrophils in your blood are stimulated to eat germs more rapidly. In some research, it was shown that they doubled their ability to engulf bacteria.

If the sun is able to eliminate bacteria from our air, water, and skin, and is able to strengthen the immune system of a host, it would naturally follow that a person regularly exposed to ultraviolet light would develop fewer illnesses. This is exactly the clinical result observed.

For 12 years, 4,000 male college students of Cornell University were observed, and it was found that there was a direct relationship between the temperature and days of sunshine and the frequency of colds. Smaller groups of patients who considered themselves susceptible to colds were studied. It was found that a 10-minute irradiation with ultraviolet light one to three times a week throughout the winter months resulted in a reduction in the frequent of colds from 27.9% to 40.3%.

The results of another study studying the effects of ultraviolet light in the classroom indicated that children would have less respiratory infections if ultraviolet lights were to be substituted for the standard classroom lights.

Russian scientists have developed a test to check the ability of children’s bodies to build immunity and resist infections. The scientists have found that exposure to ultraviolet light, especially in the winter months, greatly increased the ability of the Russian children’s bodies to resist disease.

In a study involving over 800 children, it was discovered that the incidence of dental cavities was much higher during the winter and spring months than during the summer months. Another study using more than 94,000 boys 12 to 14 years of age, showed that the incidence of cavities was directly related to the amount of sunlight available in the area in which the boy lived; the more sunlight, the less cavities. The boys that lived in areas with over 3,000 hours of sunlight per year had 290 cavities per 100 boys while the group with less than 2,200 hours had 486 cavities. Since dental cavities are partly the result of bacterial invasion, and since exposure to sunlight builds up the immune system, it is not hard to see that exposure to sunlight could also encourage the reduction of the number of dental cavities which may occur.

Get a Tan, Get Healthy

The sun seems to be the mother of all nature’s processes, at the source of all energy, and necessary for all life and growth. Vitamins are the product of sunlight. Sunshine is antiseptic, and is an important factor in the treatment of many diseases. Scientific research and experiments have taught us wonderful lessons of the value of sunlight.

The conclusion is quite simple. Eliminate all free fats, get out in the sunshine, and improve your health and longevity.

Body Video

Free Online Documentary – Pumping Iron

Pumping Iron is a 1977 docudrama about the world of bodybuilding focusing on the 1975 IFBB Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia competitions. Pumping Iron documents the “The Golden Age” of bodybuilding, a time when competitors still looked like Greek gods with perfect mass, size, symmetry, and definition. Shot during the 100 days leading up to the Mr. Universe and Mr. Olympia competitions and during the competitions themselves, the film focuses largely on Arnold Schwarzenegger and his competitors, Lou Ferrigno and Franco Columbu, but also includes plenty of appearances of Mike Katz, Ken Waller, Ed Corney, Serge Nubret, and other famous bodybuilders of the era.

This film propelled Arnold Schwarzenegger into the public spotlight and finally gained him a real notoriety outside of bodybuilding circles. Arnold had already won the Mr. Olympia title six times in a row and this film documents his training for his seventh victory before planning to retire and pursue his acting career.

The documentary was co-directed by Robert Fiore and George Butler.

Watch the entire Pumping Iron movie online for free!

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Using the Golden Ratio to Sculpt the Perfect Body

Steve Reeves Hey men, many of you are spending lots of time in the gym working out like wild men lifting dangerously heavy weights trying to transform yourself into the biggest baddest muscular monster possible. That’s great, and many of you have succeeded in looking like that massive monster you were chasing. Congratulations.

But there’s also many of you that want a sexy (yet muscular) body that women find attractive. I have never met one single woman that wants a man who looks like the massive monsters that are today’s modern bodybuilder competitors. Women want a man with the body of a Greek god. And for many men, this is exactly what we want as well. This is good, because reaching enormous bodybuilder status is impossible without a sweeping array of steroids and growth-inducing drugs. Attaining a Greek god body is still no easy feat, but it is very possible for every man. No drugs necessary.

Now, when trying to improve or conquer a challenge, it is imperative that you set a clear, solid goal. Working out to look better and attract the ladies is not a clear tangible goal. How do you know when you’ve successfully reached such a vague goal? How will you know what areas to focus on and how will you measure your progress towards that goal? Failing to plan is planning to fail, and if you charge ahead with an unclear objective, you will certainly waste your time.

You need specifics in your goals. Finding a picture of a fit person you wish to emulate is a good start, but even this can still be too vague. Variables like height and body type can make it difficult to determine how to calculate your success in emulation. This is why I suggest using the Golden Ratio to help you calculate precise target numbers that are perfectly customized to your exact body.

The Golden Ratio and Adonis Effect

There’s a reason most all humans find the bodies in Greek sculptures appealing. It’s because they were DESIGNED to be ideal. The sculptors actually used mathematical formulas to carve out bodies that were precisely the size and dimensions we find attractive and impressive. That’s right, the artists didn’t use fickle opinions to determine the measurements, but rather precise ratios that are unchanging, scientifically reliable standards of beauty.

golden ratioExamples of the Golden Ratio can be found throughout nature and has been a secret weapon of the best artists in the world for thousands of years. I will not go into the history and science of Phi and Golden Ratio in this article, but in a nutshell it is suggested that things with a ratio of 1 to 1.618 tend to be the most pleasing to look at. Human brains are programmed to look for symmetry and balance in everything, so we can use this clearly defined mathematical constant to our advantage in body sculpting.

The Golden Ratio already naturally appears all around your body regardless of your fitness level or health. If the length of the hand is 1, the length of the forearm would be approximately 1.618. If the distance from the floor to your belly button is 1, then your overall height from the floor to the top of your head would be about 1.618. There are countless examples of these proportions of the face and body, far too many to include here.

golden ratio body proportionsSince the Golden Ratio is already present in our skeletal structure, it’s time to apply the formula to our weight and muscles. Studies have already revealed that women are most attracted to men whose shoulders measure exactly 1.6 times the size of their waists. Impressive shoulders is the most important place to start, but it is only the beginning of the puzzle. Let’s begin defining our workout goals by determining our exact target measurements based on the Golden Ratio principle.

Using Golden Ratio Proportions to Determine Your Goal Measurements

Below is a simplified custom formula for determining the ideal proportions of your body. Since many of these measurements are related to each other, we want to find body parts that remain a constant size. For example, your wrists and knees remain fairly constant your entire adult life, so these will be used as our starting markers. Your waist measurement is another critical number for our formula, but the waist is also most prone to weight fluctuations. Fortunately, aside from fat gain, the waist doesn’t change size too much. Therefore, if you are not in peak physical condition just yet, you need to first determine the size of your waist in its most lean state that is realistic and comfortable to maintain.

Once you have the circumference of your lean waist measured, multiply it by 1.6 and the resulting number should be the goal circumference of your shoulders. These are the numbers that will create the most impressive V-shaped look for your body. Follow the formula below to determine the rest of your measurements.

Waist Size = your determined lean waist measurement
Shoulder Size = 1.6 x your lean waist measurement
Arm Size = 2.5 x wrist size
Neck Size = 2.5 x wrist size
Calve Size = 2.5 x wrist size or 1.9 x ankle size
Thigh Size = 1.75 x knee size

This will provide you with the ideal proportions for an impressive sexy body. Now you have actual measurements to use as your goal which means you can craft a workout program specifically tailored to your needs. You have now just taken the guess work out of setting a precise goal towards obtaining your sexy Greek god body!

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The Importance of Breathing Properly

In order to have good blood, you must breathe well. Full, deep inspirations of pure air, which fill the lungs with oxygen, purify the blood. Proper breathing promotes a bright color in the blood and imparts a life-giving current to every part of the body. Good respiration soothes the nerves, stimulates the appetite, renders digestion more perfect, and induces sound, refreshing sleep.

The lungs should be allowed the greatest freedom possible. Their capacity is developed by free action, if the lungs are cramped and compressed their capacity diminishes. A sedentary lifestyle, or stooping at your work, is a common practice that leads to many ill effects. In such a position it is impossible to breathe deeply. Superficial breathing then becomes a habit, and the lungs lose their power to expand. A similar effect is produced by overly tight clothing. If sufficient room is not given to the lower part of the chest, then the abdominal muscles, which were designed to aid in breathing, are unable to be fully utilized and the lungs thus become restricted in their action.

Thus an insufficient supply of oxygen is received. The blood moves sluggishly and the poisonous waste matter which should be thrown off in the exhalations from the lungs is retained, and the blood becomes impure. Not only the lungs, but the stomach, liver, and brain are affected. The skin becomes sallow, digestion is retarded, the heart is depressed, the brain is clouded, thoughts are confused, gloom sets in, the whole system becomes depressed and inactive, and peculiarly susceptible to disease.

The human body expels 70 percent of its toxins from breathing. So the lungs are constantly throwing off impurities and they need to be constantly supplied with fresh air. Impure air does not afford the necessary supply of oxygen, and the blood passes to the brain and other organs without being vitalized. Hence the necessity of thorough ventilation. To live in close, ill-ventilated rooms, where the air is dead and vitiated, can weaken your entire system. Your body can become peculiarly sensitive to the influence of cold and even slight exposures may induce disease. It is close confinement indoors that makes many people pale and feeble. Breathing the same air over and over until it becomes laden with poisonous matter thrown off through the lungs and pores, brings all the impurities right back into the blood.


Circulation of the Blood

In order to have good health, we must have good blood. There really is power in the blood, and it is the current of life. It repairs waste and nourishes the body. When supplied with the proper food elements and when cleansed and vitalized by contact with pure air, it carries life and vigor to every part of the system. The more perfect the circulation, the better this work will be accomplished.

With every beat of the heart the blood should make its way quickly and easily to all parts of the body. We should be cautious not to wear too tight clothing or bands, or to dress insufficiently, leaving the extremities not warm enough. Anything that hinders the circulation forces the blood back to the vital organs, producing congestion. Headache, cough, palpitation of the heart, or indigestion is often the result.