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Mimi Kirk is PETA’s Sexiest Vegetarian, and She’s Over 70!

Mimi Kirk was declared by PETA to be the Sexiest Vegetarian over 50. A very flattering award, but Mimi Kirk is not in her 50s, she is 74! She was born in 1938! She credits her plant-based raw food vegan diet as the secret to her health, longevity, and youthful appearance. She stopped eating meat at the age of 32 then went completely raw vegan at the age of 69.

For those considering switching to a similar diet, Mimi recommends starting gradually. Begin with a green drink every morning, either a smoothie or a fresh juice. From there slowly start eating more salad and vegetables and phasing out dairy. It might sound like a big change, but it’s what made Mimi Kirk the¬†hottest grandma out there.

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